Dr. Karl-Heinz Bomberg

Berlin, Berlin
* 1955

Whoever failed to subordinate themselves and spoke up was excluded, slandered and rendered harmless.

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Biographical information

1955 Born in Thuringia, married, two children
1976-1982 Study of medicine in Leipzig, subsequent doctorate
1980s Specialist for anaesthesia, psychotherapeutic medicine and psychoanalyst
1984 Three months of imprisonment
Today Deputy chairman, training analyst and lecturer at the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie Berlin e.V.


Karl-Heinz Bomberg is a songwriter and author who was imprisoned in the GDR for three months for writing lyrics critical of the regime. The practicing doctor retained his terse and pointed tongue even after reunification. Today, the singer tours Germany and Europe, dissecting the political landscape and social injustice in his songs. Beside his songs, Bomberg has also expressed himself politically as an author, while also publishing several children’s books and numerous scientific articles. He has made himself heard in the media landscape as well, contributing to a number of productions by the RBB and MDR broadcasters and publishing articles in the weekly Focus or the daily Die Welt. He continues to digest his experiences as a GDR citizen as an author of the journal Horch und Guck (‘Listen and Look’). Karl Heinz Bomberg lives in Berlin with his family and works as a doctor, frequently giving lectures on, among other topics, the psychological effects of repression in the GDR.

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